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Thursday May 05, 2016

Our experienced Mirena attorneys are providing consultations to women in Maine who suffered serious IUD side effects. Mirena is an intrauterine contraceptive system (or IUD) implanted in the uterus for up to five years of birth control. An increasing number of consumers in Maine and other markets, however, report that the Mirena IUD perforated their uterine wall, migrated outside the uterus, or became embedded in surrounding organ tissue. These complicated side effects of Mirena often require surgical intervention. The Mirena lawsuits now pending allege that the device manufacturer was aware of such risks but failed to properly warn Maine patients and physicians.

Side Effects of Mirena

The warning label for Mirena notes the risk of uterine perforation, migration, embedding, and other complications which may be caused during insertion of the device. Mirena lawsuits allege, however, that the product's label failed to properly warn about these side effects when unrelated to insertion. Specifically, our Mirena lawyers are investigating whether the Mirena product label and prescribing information failed to warn Maine users about a known risk of spontaneous perforation or migration of the device. Users have reported to the FDA and Mirena legal firms that they experienced uterine perforation or implant migration even after proper insertion was confirmed through recommended follow-up care. The manufacturer of Mirena acknowledged similar reports in a pair of safety letters issued to healthcare providers and patients in Canada. The letter stated that uterine perforation from Mirena is a "serious complication" that may not become apparent during or even shortly after insertion. No such safety letter was issued in the United States. Accordingly, physicians and consumers in Maine may still be unaware of these potential Mirena problems.

Your Mirena Side Effects Lawsuit in Maine

In addition to failure to warn, a Mirena lawsuit alleges that the design of the Mirena IUD is inherently defective and subjects women to an unreasonable risk of harmful side effects. Product injury lawsuits of this nature sometimes proceed as a class action. A Mirena class action lawsuit, however, has not been formed in Maine or elsewhere in the United States. Rather, each Mirena IUD lawsuit is filed individually in the appropriate state or federal court after an evaluation by a qualified Mirena lawyer. The Mirena attorneys at our firm believe individual suits provide a more accurate and just means of compensation for IUD victims in Maine than could be achieved through a Mirena class action lawsuit. For more information about pursuing a Mirena side effects lawsuit, call (888) 524-1181 or use our brief online form for a legal consultation at no cost.

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